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Expansion of the Cardinal Newman Catholic Educational Trust

The Newman Catholic Trust was formed as part of the Bishop's vision for all Catholic schools to be within a Multi-Academy Trust. 

We are thrilled to update our communities that the Trust has submitted an application to the DfE requesting support for a further expansion. St Bonaventure's (Bishopston), St Joseph's (Portishead) and St Patrick's (Redifled) have all submitted a formal request to the Board of Directors to join the Multi-Academy Trust. A letter outlining this is here:



It is with great enthusiasm that we embark on this journey together, as we believe that unity and shared values strengthen our collective impact.

As Saint John Henry Newman once said, "To live is to change, and to be perfect is to have changed often." This sentiment resonates deeply with our Trust, as we embrace the transformative power of collaboration and continuous improvement. By joining forces with these strong schools, we are creating a vibrant and inclusive community where every member is valued and supported.

At our Trust, we firmly believe that we are stronger together. Together, we will inspire, empower, and uplift one another, fostering an environment where excellence thrives. Our application will now be considered by the Advisory Board. If it is given approval, it will trigger a full and formal stakeholder consultation.


Our Trust family extends beyond the walls of individual schools. It encompasses parents, students, teachers, employees, and local community leaders, all united by a shared vision of providing exceptional education and nurturing lifelong learners. With this collaborative spirit, we are dedicated to delivering the highest standards of academic excellence, holistic development, and a supportive learning environment for all. This is why stakeholder voice will be so important in shaping the future of the Trust and all of our schools. 

"Our trust is not in ourselves, but in a power above us, to whose guidance and blessing we commit ourselves in the unity of our endeavours." - Saint John Henry Newman.


Together, we are stronger. Welcome to our Trust family.

If you would like to learn more about joining the Trust, please see the helpful documents below. We have created a comprehensive "FAQs" document and guide explaining some of the key information. Please note, this information may change as the Trust grows and develops. 

- Joining the Newman Catholic Trust FAQs. 

- Guidance from NGA on joining a MAT


There are lots of questions schools, their leaders, staff and governors will want to ask before joining. This is natural as joining a MAT is a significant decision. 

These questions often centre around finance, staffing, curriculum and governance. Some of the questions you will wish to consider may include: 

  • How does funding work in the MAT?

  • What financial efficiencies have schools achieved by being part of the MAT?

  • Does the MAT have centralised services and functions that help to reduce costs? What does this look like?

  • How does the MAT support schools to generate income?

  • How will the MAT ensure that our school remains unique?

  • How do schools in the MAT maintain their individual identities?

  • How will our relationship with other local schools change?

We are happy to discuss and answer any questions.

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