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At the Newman Catholic Trust, safeguarding and promoting the welfare of our children is our top priority. It is a collective responsibility that we take very seriously. To ensure a safe environment for our children, we work in unity across all schools, promoting a culture of vigilance. 


To learn more about our policies, practices, and resources, please explore the links below.

Safeguarding at the Newman Catholic Trust 

"The welfare of the child is paramount." - Children Act 1989

Within our schools, safeguarding isn't merely a practice; it's a profound expression of our Catholic faith and a cornerstone of everything we do.

Every child who walks through our doors is entrusted to a community of dedicated individuals: teachers, staff, volunteers, and parents, all united in a shared mission – to nurture and protect. We recognise that safeguarding is not a solo act, but a collective responsibility where every voice and person matters.

Guided by the principles of Keeping Children Safe in Education, we pledge to:

  • Shield our children from harm: Protecting them from abuse, neglect, and exploitation in all its forms.

  • Prioritise their well-being: Ensuring their physical, emotional, and spiritual growth in a safe and supportive environment.

  • Empower them to thrive: Fostering a culture where their voices are heard, concerns are addressed, and potential is celebrated.

This commitment manifests in:

  • Our child-centered ethos: Every decision, every interaction, revolves around what's best for our children.

  • Our comprehensive safeguarding training: Equipping all staff with the knowledge and skills to identify and report concerns promptly.

  • Our open and honest communication: Building a safe space where children feel empowered to speak up and adults feel obligated to listen.

  • Our strong partnerships: Collaborating with families, external agencies, and the wider community to create a robust support network.


Inspired by Cardinal Newman's own words, "To live is to change, and to change is to mature, to move out of a lesser self into a greater," we strive to provide not just a safe haven, but a springboard for growth. We believe that through unwavering compassion, collaborative vigilance, and a shared commitment to nurturing each child's potential, we can create a community where every child feels embraced, protected, and empowered to flourish.

At the heart of Newman Catholic Trust lies this unwavering promise: every child entrusted to our care will be valued, cherished, and safeguarded with the utmost dedication and love.

How to report a concern

As part of our safeguarding policy and practice. each school within the Trust has a named Designated Safeguarding Lead. If your concern relates to a particular school, please contact the named DSL directly:

St Bernard's: DSL - Mr Richard Jordan (0117 903 0352)

St Francis: DSL - Janet Ellams (0127 585 5373)

St Nicholas: DSL - Rachael James (0117 377 2260)

St Teresa's: DSL - Jayne Rawlinson (0117 903 0412)

If your concern relates to the Trust, or you wish to speak to the Designated Safeguarding Lead from the Trust Central Team, then contact:

Dr Daniel Doyle on 0117 377 2259 or 07793862281

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