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Meet the Trust's Central Leadership Team 

The Trust's Central Leadership Team is based at Pennywell Road and coordinates the Trust's range of professional support services to our schools. In the early stages of the Trust's development, the central team is responsible for establishing the systems, structures and approaches which define the working practise and policies of the Multi-Academy Trust. 

The team coordinates and oversees finance, HR, operations & estates management, trust expansion and more. The central team is also responsible for developing the Trust's strategic school improvement model and framework as well as planning for and overseeing the Trust's development and expansion. 

The central team's main aim is to provide the centralised and coordinated support that allows our school leaders and teaching and learning professionals to direct more resources toward schools, the classroom and our children. In doing this, we can support our schools to concentrate on ensuring that our pupils make outstanding progress throughout each academic year.


The team combines academic and business professionals, which are much needed in today's financially challenging educational climate. 

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