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About Cardinal Newman Trust

In 2016 and again in 2019, Bishop Declan shared his vision for all his schools to work together and undertake a due diligence exercise in readiness for the establishment of Catholic Multi Academy Trusts (MATs) across the diocese. His reason for doing this was to respond to the changes in the educational landscape and “ensure Catholic education is sustainable and remains true to its key principles for the generations of pupils now and yet to come”. His directive was: “All schools are to be in a Multi-Academy Trust (MAT) or academy ready by 2021 with academy ready meaning the point at which schools have completed sufficient preparation to enable/facilitate formal commitment to the academy process when appropriate.” As a next step, all the Bishop’s schools joined one of seven partnerships.

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Misson, Vision & Vaues

Mission, Vision and Values

The Newman Trust’s commitment and vision is to provide every child in all of its schools with an education of the highest standards rooted in our Catholic beliefs and ethos. “God wants us to be saints and not settle for a bland or mediocre existence” (Gaudete et Exsultate 1). Therefore, we will strive as a faith community, with strong governance at all levels and in partnerships with our families and communities, to unlock the God-given potential of all who work within our schools and establish Newman Trust as a beacon of excellence within education.  



Underpinning the Trust are our company values which form the heart of our vision, mission and drive:  


C – Courage: At Newman, we show courage in our faith and when we learn – facing challenges and overcoming adversity. 

A – Attentive: At Newman, we are attentive to the needs of others and respond with action. We are attentive to and actively seek the presence of God in all things.  

R – Respect: At Newman. We show respect and concern for each other, our communities, our planet and all people. 

E – Excellence: At Newman, we challenge our students to go beyond what is expected, seek excellence in all areas and strive for the greater glory of God.  

S – Stewardship: At Newman, we believe that it is our duty to work amongst God’s people. This means active service, volunteering and working for social justice.  


In line with the words of our Patron Saint, “Faith… is an act of will, following on the conviction that to believe is a duty” (Saint John Henry Newman). Therefore, the Newman Trust aims to create a community of change - a community that lives an active life of stewardship, service and faith. Our values underpin everything we do as a Trust and everything we believe as people. 


Our schools care, our Trust cares and our people care. That is why you will see our values lived through our work, our prayer, our service and our faith. 

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