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Vision, Mission & Values


The Trust's vision: 

To be a leading provider of outstanding, sustainable Catholic education  

At the core of our vision lies a steadfast conviction: every child, irrespective of their background or where they come from, is a beloved child of God, deserving of an enriching and fulfilling education. Inspired by the teachings of the Church, we are committed to providing exceptional teaching within our schools, ensuring that every child enjoys a transformational educational, spiritual, and personal experience. That is why our mission is to: 

  • Provide outstanding and sustainable catholic education from nursery to sixth form.

  • Provide high-quality teaching and enrichment opportunities to our students. 

  • Be an employer of choice with excellent training and development opportunities for our staff. 

  • Be a Trust of choice for families in our local communities.

  • Grow by supporting catholic schools to join our Trust.

Whether it's within the classroom or through extracurricular activities, we are dedicated to delivering comprehensive schooling that not only imparts knowledge but also moulds the character and future of our students. We believe in nurturing individuals who will grow into accomplished and responsible members of society, contributing positively to the world and being agents of change.


“God wants us to be saints and not settle for a bland or mediocre existence” (Gaudete et Exsultate 1)

Our Trust is driven by the belief that education should be a beacon of opportunity for all, transcending geographical boundaries and socioeconomic disparities. Therefore, we will strive as a faith community, with strong governance at all levels and in partnerships with our families and communities, to unlock the God-given potential of all who work within our schools and establish Newman Trust as a beacon of excellence within education.  

Through our values, we aim to communicate who we are and how we will work to create a community where all are welcomed, respected, and valued. We believe that every child has unique gifts and talents to offer, and we are committed to helping them discover and develop their full potential.​

Christ / Child Centred  

 Inclusive and Consultative  







In line with the words of our Patron Saint, “Faith… is an act of will, following on the conviction that to believe is a duty” (Saint John Henry Newman). Therefore, the Newman Trust aims to create a community of change - a community that lives an active life of stewardship, service and faith. Our values underpin everything we do as a Trust and everything we believe as people. 


Our schools care, our Trust cares and our people care. That is why you will see our values lived through our work, prayer, service, and faith. 

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Misson, Vision & Vaues
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